Writing a dating site profileDating Sites Free tips: writing an online dating profile

On the vast majority of internet dating sites, singles find each other by browsing or searching through online profiles.

When you join a dating site – which is often free to do – you are usually required to fill out a profile, which will be listed on the site so that people can find and contact you. Also, if you contact another single it enables them to see who is interested in them. How you present yourself in your profile is crucial to your online dating success.

In part the profile will offer some facts about you: age, location, height and so on. But it also allows you to tell potential dates a bit about yourself – your hobbies and interests, what you have done and things you plan to do in the future. And it lets you talk about the kind of relationship you want and the characteristics and attributes you are looking for in a partner.

Your dating site profile will invariably give you the option of adding a photo of yourself. It really is highly recommended that you take advantage of this – you will get a far better contact rate when you have a photo on your profile. You may be able to allow access to your photo by password, which means you will have to give a password to someone before they can see your picture. While this is definitely better than no picture at all, it really is better to have it unrestricted. You don’t need to get a professional portrait taken at all, just a regular photograph is fine. Make sure it is recent though, no one likes meeting a date and finding the picture was from five years ago.

Some dating site profile tips
Keep it positive: a long list of dislikes will normally turn people off.
Express yourself: it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.
If you get stuck, have a look through other singles’ profiles for a guide.
If you are unsure, get a friend to look over and even contribute to your profile.
Unless you have good reason not to, add a photograph or two.
Talk about your favorite movies, books and music: this helps people find things in common.
Don’t stress: you can change and add to your profile once it is up.

Putting together a good online dating profile will make huge impact on your internet dating success, and we at Dating Sites Free hope this article has helped – good luck!

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