Top Tips

Everybody has their own personality, style and ways of communicating but we have found that by keeping a few simple tips in mind you can increase your chances of success with online dating.

Don’t Restrict Yourself
There is a very large selection sites you can use and as almost all dating sites free offers allow you to join & try them out, the most effective way to successfully meet compatible people online is to join more than one site. Check out some relevant sites, pick the five that appeal to you most and try them. You will soon see for yourself which have the best matches, which are a pain to use and which give you the best results.

Be Honest
Naturally you want to project yourself in the most flattering manner, but resist the temptation to ever cross the line into dishonesty. Even if it gets you a date, they are going to realise pretty quickly that you are not 6’2″, not “athletic build” or that your photograph was from ten years ago.

First Impressions
It’s true in person and it’s true online too: first impressions count. If you have a bad intro/headline, a lot of people who may be compatible will not click on your profile. So try to make your profile headline reflect your personality by using your humor and creativity, and make sure your photo is recent and flattering. And some people can pull off the “moody” or “serious” look, but most people react favorably to a smiling face.

Be Positive
You may notice when browsing through online dating profiles that some of them appear quite negative. Some state a long list – often in CAPITAL LETTERS – of things they do not like and do not want. And while it is understandable that someone does not like liars, cheats and so on, it is pretty much the case for most of us. Concentrate on what you do like, not what you dislike.

Communication Skills
Use your online dating experiences to help develop your communication skills. Some people have the unfortunate habit of constantly talking about themselves and don’t realise how unattractive this is for the other person. Showing an interest in the other persons likes and opinions is a far more productive technique.

Don’t Hesitate
It can sometimes seem a little overwhelming in the beginning, especially if you have been out of the dating scene for a while but don’t let that deter you. Join a few sites, contact a few people and not only will it get easier, it will start to be fun. The same goes with meeting up: if the first few people you meet are not what you are looking for, at least you are getting out there and improving your skills for when you meet someone you really like.

So what are you waiting for – there is someone out there looking for somebody just like you, so start looking today. Good luck!