Paid vs Free

With the option of using 100% free online dating sites, why would anyone in their right mind use one of the sites that charges it’s members?

Well, it might at first seem that people would leave the paid sites in droves to use the totally free dating sites like Plenty of Fish, the paid sites have continued to gain new members quite successfully. There are a number of reasons for this.

The main one is probably what anyone using a free site will tell you: it’s a bit of a free-for-all. Because members don’t have to pay anything to contact other members, many of them tend to contact large numbers of members many of whom are not really compatible. It can become a bit of a pain wading through heaps of contacts trying to find somebody who is actually suitable.

Having to pay a fee to contact a member weeds out most of the time wasters as in most cases only someone genuinely interested will want to spend the money to do so. This is probably the biggest reason many people prefer to use paid online dating services.

Another key reason is that there are a large number of niche sites catering to groups like single parents, religions, ethnic groups and so on. Although it is possible to filter your searches on the free sites, you probably have a better chance of finding the right person on a niche site.

If you are wondering how the 100% free dating sites can manage to provide a service, you only need to consider how large their membership base is. The free sites get their revenue from advertising and are paid in a number of ways. Some of the advertisers pay the dating site every time a member clicks on an ad, and some will pay simply to have their ad shown to a certain amount of members.

Considering these points and the fact that the fees charged by the popular sites are generally pretty reasonable it’s not really surprising that people continue to use them, especially when the biggest dating sites free offers mean you can try before you buy.