Online Dating FAQ

How do online dating sites work?
There are many internet dating sites out there, but most of them use a similar format.

Most often you join a site you are interested in by posting up your own profile – which is usually free to do.

Your profile will generally let you list some of personal details while protecting your identity.

Let people know the all the basic things like age, height, location and so on.

You are usually given the option of posting a photo, and you will get more contacts if you do.

The better internet dating sites allow you to write about your interests, too, in your own words.

Then, once your profile is up potential dates will be able to contact you and you will be able to contact them.

But how can internet dating sites be free?
Well, most often with internet dating it’s free to join a site and put up your profile. It’s also usually free to send a message to someone to let them know you are interested. If both parties are interested, it is then up to one of them to make a paid contact.

Again, it varies with each internet dating site but there will be a system for buying credits which can be used to contact the other person, usually by email or personal message. So you can indeed meet people for free. But you will find most internet dating sites offer credits at very reasonable prices, and this will give you more options. At this early stage it is done within the site, so personal email addresses or phone numbers are not revealed.
So it’s both easy and safe.

However there are an increasing number of sites that have absolutely no charges to members – they make their money through on-site advertising. PlentyOfFish.com is a good example of a 100% free online dating site.

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